Our customer’s attention is drawn to our standard trading conditions, which exclude or limit the company’s liability and may require the customer to indemnify the company in certain circumstances. All business done by the company is subject to these standard trading conditions and any transport document issued by the company or a carrier for services provided to the customer. In the event of any differences between these standard trading terms on any of the documents, then these trading terms shall apply. The use of the customers own trading terms do not affect these trading terms which will prevail. Use of the company’s services constitutes an acceptance of theses standard trading terms and conditions.

Not a Common Carrier

The company’s business is primarily a wholesale freight forwarder and is not a carrier and the obligations of the company are limited to arranging the carriage of goods.The goods are carried at the customers risk and the customer authorises the company to act as it’s agent to enter into the terms and conditions in a transport document on behalf of the customer.The company is not a common carrier and accepts no liability as such. The company will not accept bullion, coins, precious stones/metals, jewellery, antiques, pictures, valuables, works of art, livestock, plants, any perishable cargo or any cargo that requires a Risk Management Programme certificate without prior written approval.

Dangerous Goods

a) The customer shall not tender any dangerous goods for carriage or storage without presenting to the company a full description thereof and giving such notice of intention to sending goods and comply with any applicable laws, regulations or requirements. If any goods are, in the opinion of the company, liable to become dangerous, inflammable, or damaging in nature, they may at any time be destroyed, disposed of, abandoned, or rendered harmless without compensation to the customer and without prejudice to the company’s right to freight and charges.

b) The customer shall not tender to the company for carriage or storage any goods, that are illegal, illegal to be transported, that are not properly/strongly packaged, labelled and addressed (with both shipper and consignee details) both in terms of the protection of the goods.

c) Whether or not the customer was aware of the nature of the goods, the customer shall indemnify the company against all claims, losses, damages or expenses arising in consequence of any breach of this clause. The customer must declare and notify the company in writing of any cargo that maybe considered too be dangerous goods and arrange special handling of such cargo.

Methods and route of transportation

a) Pending forwarding and delivery the goods maybe warehoused or held at any place at the sole discretion of the company at the customers risk and expense.

b) The company may at any time and without notice to the customer, use any form of transport or storage, unpack or remove goods which have been stowed in a box, container or any other type of package/packaging and proceed by any route in its discretion and comply with any orders/recommendations given by any authority or person acting on behalf of any authority.

Declaration of value

The company will not declare a value of the goods on a document unless the customer instructs in writing.


Dangerous Goods will be carried only if the correct Dangerous Goods paperwork and packaging/labels is in order.

The Customer shall provide suitable access to the customers delivery site in all-weather condition’s for Tutill Carriers delivery vehicles. Any damage to footpaths, kerbs, drains and other property by any Tutill Carriers vehicles delivering beyond the kerb line shall be the Customer’s responsibility.

If Tutill Carriers is unable to deliver the goods or preform a service because of any cause beyond its control (including any force/ major event) it may suspend delivery without incurring any liability for loss or damage suffered by the customer.


Quotes we supply in writing are valid for 14 days and if the customer decides to change any such variable we reserve the right to adjust such quote.


All Claims must be in writing and no claims recognised after 7 days.

Where contents and conditions of contents are unknown and out of sight, claims will be considered only where there are signs of outside damage.

All goods are carried at Limited Liability Carriers Risk and liability is limited to $2000 per unit and $100,000 maximum per load inclusive of GST.

A.J.Tutill & Sons reserves the right to decline a job if they feel it is unreasonable or not equipped to do such, if this is the case a full refund will be given.